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     About our company:





     JSC «KOMSVIAZ» was founded in 2003 and is fast growing telecommunication integrator in Russia with high-skilled specialists. The telecommunication market is one of a very fast upcoming markets in the world and we are constantly raising  the competence level of our specialists that keep us on the front edge of modern technologies and solutions.

    JSC «KOMSVIAZ» supplies the largest telecom carriers by telecommunication equipment and accomplish a full work volume of any complexity commencing  from pre-project researches and site surveys up to putting the equipment into operation. The activity of our company includes not only a new networks development but the firmware upgrading of existing networks. We are provided also the complete technical support including  warranty and after-warranty technical support of supplied and installed equipment.

    We offer the completed network solutions for telecommunication carriers as well for enterprises of different scale, in particular  small, medium and large sizes which are based on equipment of following world manufactures:



  •  ZyXEL - Bronze System Integrator 

  • RAISECOM – official distributor
  • AddPac-partner
  • Huawei-partner


  The official status of partner/distributor gives us  the smallest delivery period and possibility to offer the equipment for low prices.

  Our goal is long-term relationship with our client and we are interested in creating projects which take into account an overall customer requirements and peculiarities of his business processes.  First of all, during customer's request consideration we focus our attention on network design and services engineering because any cost effective and powerful equipment can demonstrate not proper operation  and it's functional performances without good scrutinized technical requirements and network architecture. In line with this activity, our company researches the customer needs in order to have a possibility to recommend a solution which is most suitable for the customer allowing  him to reach all his goals and predefined objectives.

   We are trying always to help our customer to find optimal solution which will provide him the maximum result with optimal ratio between price and project complexity. 



                            Our Customers are:



                           «PETERSTAR» - Saint-Petersburg

                 · «METROCOM» - Saint-Petersburg

                 · «QUANTUM» - Saint-Petersburg

                 · «WEST CALL» - Saint-Petersburg 

                 · «Multiregional Transit-Telecom» (MTT) - Russia 

                 · «North-West Telecom» - Saint-Petersburg  

                 · «LANCK Telecom» - Saint-Petersburg

                 · "Severen Telecom"-Saint-Petersburg

                 · "Megafon"-Saint-Petersburg

                 · "Sinterra"-Moscow




      Most of these customers are large telecom carriers. We have established also the  partnership relations with our regional customers.





 The projects  implemented by JSC «KOMSVIAZ»:



·        Building SDH Network on national basis for «Multiregional Transit-Telecom» using Siemens and Nortel Networks equipment.


·        Building Wireless Access Network for «Petersburg Transit-Telecom» using MINI-LINK BAS Ericsson equipment


·         Participating in various telecommunication projects implemented in different regions of   RUSSIAN FEDERATION from Kaliningrad to Sakhalin. Subscriber access equipment was represented by such equipment as  MULTIGAIN and TWINTRUNK



    In moment we have delivered and installed the equipment belonging to manufactures enumerated here



      If You are interested in above mentioned information please contact us and we will be glad to help You fascilitating Your projects and customer services 


      Contact information:






     Apt. 39-N, building 23-M,  


     Professora Popova Street, 


     197022, Russian Federation, 

     Tel: +7 (812) 495-6500,  

      Fax: +7 (812) 495-6501   














































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